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Evidence of MoistureLevel Smart Foundation System Performance

It has been 19 months since our systems install have begun (excluding our experimental work in 2003) and we have now over 180 installs to date. That is quite the response from the market place!

We have begun a robust validation and verification program in conjunction with Arizona State University and a local forensic geotechnical engineering firm Copper State Engineering. We are going back to each install after 6 months and measuring the floor elevations, the humidity of the air coming out of the system (compared with ambient outside air), its velocity exiting the system, and a few other intake air suction measurements.

While have not tabulated all of the results yet, I can say that the data is very encouraging. We have noted :

  • No house has increased in heave after the install with one exception.  One house had an addition outside of the original stem wall
  • All of the houses measured have experience a either a small drop to some with up to 1/2" drop in heave.
  • David Deatherage PE has calculated that we are removing up to 70 lbs of water per day from under the foundation.

I do have an anecdotal story to tell of the system success.

I bought a house in 2008 near Stapley and I-60, the ground zero of expansive soil in the valley. The house had 1 ½ “ cracks in the floors and ceilings. I repairs the cracks cosmetically and at a later date installed the MoistureLevel system. About a 10 months ago I got a call from my tenant telling me that they could hear water running under the floor slab at a very rapid rate. By the time I located the leak and fixed it, we dumped up to 100,000 gallons of water under the slab according to SRP. So far I have had only very minor signs of movement. I will keep you posted.

As we tabulate and organize the all data that we are currently collecting I will be presenting it here for you to see.

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