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Dry Cleaner Perchlorates Remediation Case Study

For several years now, we have been installing the MoistureLevel Smart Foundation System for different applications, including moisture vapor transmission through slabs on grade, benzene removal, and Dry Cleaner perc removal!

It seems fairly common the many dry cleaners end up have some amount of VOC’s accidentally spilled below the slab on grade. While this poses obvious environmental risks, the most immediate risk is to the staff working in the facility being exposed to known carcinogens.

Many solutions involve shutting the facility down, removal and replacement of the floor slab and the soil underneath. This process is expensive and time consuming, putting the people out of work that need protection for a great deal of time.

We have developed a number of technologies that facilitate tunneling under an existing slab on grade foundation to install intake extraction airways to help facilitate  airflow needed for chemical extraction. The designing engineering was done by Partner ESI. Below is the design and our implementation.

Dry Cleaner Perc Remediation pic 1

Dry Cleaner Perc Remediation pic 2

Below are a series of pics showing the install of the job:

Dry Cleaner Perc Remediation pic 3

First, the concrete was removed at all of the horizontal boring locations.  After that the locations were excavated down to accommodate the horizontal boring machine.


Dry Cleaner Perc Remediation pic 4


Horizontal boring equipment


Dry Cleaner Perc Remediation pic 5

Horizontal intakes installed


Dry Cleaner Perc Remediation pic 6-1Dry Cleaner Perc Remediation pic 7-1



















Once the system was up and functioning, testing of the exhaust could determine the amount of VOC’s being extracted. At first the levels were significant. Over time we expect them to drop. This system is ideal for extracting perchlorates because the engineers tell me that they tends to stay near the surface as opposed to some chemicals that might have more of a tendency to sink to lower elevations.

I can’t help but wonder how many of the thousands of existing dry cleaner personnel could be protected with our systems.


Dry Cleaner Perchlorates Remediation Case Study UPDATE

We received a great question about what happens to the VOC's being extracted & wanted to share here as well.  So, what happens to those percs? In this case, dilution is the solution to pollution... in cases of extreme levels, a charcoal filter is added to the mitigation system.


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