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Arizona Foundation Solutions Finishes 2nd Phase of Remodel

AZFS Training RoomWhile reaction to the Coronavirus has slowed us down, we still continue to make progress on our remodel. The new men’s and women’s restrooms are now completed and the new training room is completed.

There is a certain irony to finishing the training room just in time for us to not be able to use it because of social distancing. We plan on using it as soon as it is safe. The room also functions for a double use of our sales consultants as a place to use as a place to make calls, small group training and individual meetings.

The training room will allow us to meet for the first time all in one place where we can celebrate our successes, learn in a group setting and be together for important events. In June Supportworks will host their annual convention digitally. If it is safe, we plan to all meet together and participate as a group.

We also have new modern restrooms with more capacity. The lines were use the smaller old ones were becoming unbearable.

The last phase of the remodel, phase 3, has already started! 

Stay tuned for updates!

AZFS Mens RoomAZFS Womens Room