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Arizona Foundation Solutions Announces New Pier for Crawlspaces

In my last blog (,  I discussed the crawlspace failures and the difficulty in repairing with conventional solutions. We now have a unique solution to solve this problem.

We now have a concentric push pile system that can be installed under the crawl space. After installation a smart jack installed can be installed on top of it. (see pic below)

Concentric Push PierThis stand system allows us to drive piles under a crawl space. After which a lateral stabilizer is installed and after that the smart jack. (see below)

New concentric Push Pier

Please see the video below for an animated sequence of how it is installed.



This revolutionary adaptation allows us to install piles under our smart jacks offering the same lifetime warranty as we do for any of our piles.  It further sets us apart as the leader in innovative solutions as we stay continually focused on providing unique solutions to make homeowners lives better!

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