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10 questions your foundation inspector may not want you to ask….. to protect yourself!

  1. Are you the fox who is guarding the hen-house? (if you find a large area to fix, are you paid a commission on how much you sell?)
  2. Are you following any recognized Industry standard procedure for the foundation investigation? ( or are you just looking at things with your own agenda)
  3. Are you doing any industry standard recognized scientific analysis? (or are you just shooting from the hip with on the spot with first impression, rough gut feel?)
  4. Is there any engineering oversight for this? (Or are you just ACTING confident?)
  5. Have you received any credible training other than a single source supplier? ( thus able to only recognize problems that match up with that suppliers products offered)
  6. Do you follow any objective measurement standards of measuring the severity of the problem? (or do I have to rely on your subjective assessment?)
  7. What is your reputation on Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, BBB and/or Rosie Romero? (if you have none….. why?)
  8. Do you care enough about me to write down all of my goals and objectives for this and communicate it to everyone in your company?
  9. Will you be pulling a permit for this? (if not when I sell this house someday, will I pay a price when I disclose that the work was done without a permit?)
  10. Will I receive plans and drawings stamped by an engineer? Or will I receive your off the cuff plan? If I receive a plan later from an engineer….. how do I know that it will not change drastically?

In the next few posts we will explore each of these in more detail.

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