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My new AZRE CE approved real estate classes

On Wednesday, April 6 at 1 PM I will be offering another one of my AZRE approved continuing education courses for realtors. The link for all the information is here;foundationrepair.eventbrite.com 

September 29 of last year, I posted a blog talking about the fact that I would be offering these courses, you can check out the blog here. In the great recession many mortgage lenders and insurance companies were left with problem homes that had severe foundation issues as people walked from these homes when they discovered that there was foundation problems. By offering foundation assessments will on the close of every escrow these problems can be avoided up front.

In addition by documenting floor levels, a baseline can be established for comparison to the future for insurance claims or any other movement that might occur. This will enable more accurate time dated assessments.

I do the training education for the local ASHI group here in Arizona. As a result many home inspectors are familiar enough with the basic signs foundation or floor movement and refer us as needed. The problem with this approach is that if there is not an automatic extension to the inspection period then it is not realistic to get the inspection done in a report written in the time that is left.

One of the things that I will be suggesting is to make the foundation inspection standard for every closing. In this way the baseline can be established and realtors can protect themselves from claims that you they did not do their due diligence.

Here is some comments on my last class that I taught.


Wow, what a great and informative class that was presented by instructor Bob Brown from Arizona Foundation Solutions. My Realtors and myself learned so much from your class! The interactive videos & active class interaction helped us visualize, better absorb and put things into perspective with regards to foundation issues. I know now that when Foundation issues arise which they will because they are common in our industry (real estate),  I will feel confident providing my clients and agents with a great resource.

Thank you Bob!