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Good news for realtors

When I graduated from ASU in 1985 I also acquired a real estate license which I subsequently did very little with. However I am somewhat familiar with the real estate industry enough to know that foundation repair are dirty words. Most realtors when they suspect that there’s foundation problems tend to not want to list the house. Or sometimes deal with the problem in a risky “caulk and walk” strategy that often times ends up in disaster for all the parties.. These perceptions are roadblocks to resolving the problem simply and easily.

As mentioned in earlier blogs insider’s view of the foundation industry and the dirty little secret of the foundation industry I mentioned that many homes today are misdiagnosed in my opinion up to 50%. The reason is that many contractors and engineers do not have the skills or the will to effectively differentiate between heave and settlement. And on top of it in arid climates the overwhelming majority of most distress in homes tends to be floor heave as opposed to footing settlement. So where’s the good news?

The good news is that if the overwhelming majority of homes have floor slab heave as opposed to footing settlement the fix may be relatively cheap and easy. The MoistureLevel system deals with floor slab heave in the $4-$5000 range usually and can be done in typically one day or less. If most realtors and homeowners realized this there would be less hesitation in identifying and resolving distress in a house from soil issues. So if you are realtor, challenge your traditional thinking with the paradigm change that these problems can be resolved cheaply and easily, and aggressively pursue opportunities that you may have stayed away from in the past.

If you suspect that there is damage in the house from soil causes….. simply give us a call…. and we can provide an accurate objective analysis by a non-commissioned detail oriented civil engineer and chances are the fix may be cheaper and easier than you think.