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Announcing Real Estate Renewal Courses on Foundation Repair and Radon Mitigation

In my previous blog I said in passing that I received my approval from the Arizona Department of real estate as an instructor for real estate agents to renew their licenses for credit renewal hours.

It is a fairly tedious process to become an approved CEU provider for the Arizona Department of Real Estate and have your courses approved as well. I’m excited to announce that I have hurtled all of those requirements and are now ready to provide education renewal for real estate agents.

The areas that I am an expert in are of course foundation repair and radon mitigation. I have two three-hour courses that I have developed for each of those subjects and will be announcing soon seminars for agents to participate in soon as I work out dates and times for the venues. I will likely be looking for a title company to partner with for the location to hold the seminars. If you have any suggestions at this point I will be happy to take them.

I am also available to come in the mornings and give a mini version for agents so that they can at least be up to speed on how this world works at anyone’s local office.

What will I talk about? I will of course be discussing how to tell if a house has foundation problems, but also perhaps what real estate agents can do to keep their escrow from falling apart should these problems be discovered as well as how to minimize those occurrences before escrow begins

I will of course also be looking into my crystal ball and seeing where I think the industry is headed on these issues and how real estate agents can be ahead of the curve.

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