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When I sell my house will I have to disclose un permitted work?

All of us at some point will want to sell the house are living in. In fact the motivation for doing foundation repairs most of the time centers around this issue. This motivation usually centers around avoiding the loss of value that comes with the fear of buying a house with foundation problems. Here is some advice about minimizing that loss of value.

It is this last point I want to talk about. There has been an evolution of thought about the requirements permits for foundation work. Over time the expectation has grown that permits are a requirement. As a result the expectation has become that if you disclose that you have done foundation repairs and not pull the permit, then you in a sense have invalidated those repairs. Whether this is really correct or not is irrelevant.

It seems an ironic waste of time and money to go through the inconvenience and expense of repairing your foundation, only to have it not count when you go to sell your home. If your foundation repair contractor is telling you that permits are not required, simply call the building department for your City or County and ask. It won’t take long.

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