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My Interview with Rosie Romero

A week ago January 10th I had the pleasure of being the guest speaker for the Rosie On The House show. We talked about Arizona soils in specific regions and their characteristics as well. Rosie told some entertaining stories including how he had a run in with an earth fissure on a motorbike.

We discussed how Arizona’s varying soil conditions can affect the foundation of your home and what you can do about it. People called in to the show with great questions and we had a great time in general. In particular we discussed how my Patented heave mitigation system is revolutionizing the foundation repair industry. See my post Recap of the Need for Heave Mitigation & MoistureLevel smart foundation system for Expansive soils, for information on the system if you want to see how it works.

To listen to the interviews go to this link and scroll down to the 10 O’clock hour. There are four segments with a description.