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MoistureLevel smart foundation system for Expansive soils

In my last few blogs I pointed out how a majority of homes and commercial properties in arid climates get misdiagnosed, and that the majority of soil related damage ends up being heave. Up until now there have been no really viable solutions for that problem….. Until now.

Many years ago I started thinking about how I can solve the seemingly intractable problem of floor slab heave. Over the years I have worked on many ideas with not much success until I returned to the idea of soil venting. Now I am pleased to say that after much long work I have developed a solution that is cost efficient, effective and is non-intrusive. My patent is now pending.

The idea is to use the dry air as it is forced across the soils collecting the moisture and venting it out the stack. As the soil becomes drier, it begins to suck the moisture out of the adjacent clays. As the clays begin to dry out they develop cracks which then dries out the soil near the crack causing it to expand causing it to deepen and make more cracks continuing a self-reinforcing cycle. Over time the clays begin to lose their moisture and cease to expand and in many cases reverse.

The system has protections to minimize any over drying near the footing area. It also has a smart mechanism that monitors the soil moisture content and regulates the drying to protect from over drying.

The system is easy to install usually taking less than a day. The costs are usually less than 1/10th the cost of other less effective measures of heave control and has the following benefits:

In my next blog I will discuss how I came to think of this and how it compares to current methods of heave remediation of expansive soils.