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Arizona Foundation Solutions has solved some of the most difficult structural problems in the Southwest

For the past 28 years, Bob Brown, and Arizona Foundation Solutions have established a reputation for being the go-to company for residential and commercial foundation repair. No structure is too large, and no problem has been too great, for Bob and his team of highly trained experts to tackle and solve. Last year Arizona Foundation Solutions helped restore the Historic Prescott Courthouse. Built in 1916 it is one of the few buildings on the Historic National Register. This restoration required innovative engineering and coordination between the Architect, Engineer and Arizona Foundation Solutions. 

Pool stabilization easily accomplished by pressure groutingPool stabilization easily accomplished by pressure grouting
Many pools built today have a very low tolerance for movement of the pool after it is built because of the negative edge water features that require a high degree of levelness.

Industry Case Study for Rio Salado Trunk Line RehabilitationIndustry Case Study for Rio Salado Trunk Line Rehabilitation
The 230KV and 69KV duct banks were built on top of an existing landfill. Over time water infilitrated and caused as much as 18

Grouting Case StudyGrouting Case Study
Grouting Case Study

Historic Prescott Courthouse RestorationHistoric Prescott Courthouse Restoration
I am writing to thank you for the excellent work that Arizona Foundation Solutions performed this year on the repair and stabilization of the Yavapai County Courthouse granite stairs. The building will be 100 years

Pool Repair and Soil Remediation achieved by Pressure Grouting In ArizoniaPool Repair and Soil Remediation achieved by Pressure Grouting In Arizonia
Arizona Ram Jack was a key component of a difficult pool repair. An indoor swimming pool settled, broke some lines and was threatening other lines which if broken could then inundate the soil more causing more settlement.

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