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Rumor Has It

A number of people have come up to me in the last few months and have expressed surprise that I had sold my company. Imagine my surprise…. I didn’t know either. For some reason people seem to forget that I’ve gone through a name change for my company and recently incorporated my business interests as Arizona Foundation Solutions. I suppose it is a testament to my branding efforts over the last 15 years that I have built up almost a cult following over the name of my former business Arizona Ram Jack, LLC.

Now Ram Jack has brought in a new installer who has been running ads on the radio saying that they are Ram Jack of Arizona “under new ownership.” I can understand why people would think that it was me selling my company to someone else. In fact nothing further from the truth has happened.

It wouldn’t be so frustrating to me had I not spent many tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees arguing with Ram Jack’s attorneys on whether or not I can say on my website “formerly Arizona Ram Jack”. Because technically I incorporated as a new entity…..and so I was prevented from saying that particular easy to understand phrase. Instead I settled on the long and awkward phrase at the bottom of my webpage that basically says that although I have a new company with a new name, it’s the same ownership, the same installation employees, most of the same equipment, and the same facilities. I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard from their attorneys after posting this blog. As if speaking the plain truth is against the American way.

The bottom line is if you want our classic analysis, integrity, service, and workmanship, then don’t be fooled into thinking with all the smoke and mirrors that any other company can offer this to you the way I have for all these years.