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The structural integrity of your home's foundation is critical the safety of your family. A cracked or buckling foundation will lower the property value of your home and cause unnecessary stress & worry. The best way to solve a structural problem is to understand what brought on the foundation or slab issues in the first place, and then have a customized solution designed specifically for the problems with your homes foundation. Arizona Foundation Solutions has been in trusted by homeowners and business owners in Arizona since 1988 and is an authorized Foundation Supportworks dealer with more than 20 years of experience handling soil improvement, deep foundation repair and all types of structural repair.

One thing you can be sure of if you have a foundation problem, is that it will only get worse when ignored, leaving you exposed to potential property damage, and even health & safety risk for you and your family. Our team of experienced, highly trained experts can repair your foundation and stabilize your home, making it structurally sound, like it was when your home was built. We provide all types of foundation repair services, including soil stabilization, concrete lifting, crack stitching, stem wall repair, compaction, pressure grouting, crack repair, and much more.

Call us today at 844-290-5232 for a professional inspection and complete assessment of the structural integrity of your home's foundation...or fill out the contact form to send us an email.

At Arizona Foundation Solutions, we want your home's foundation to be solid, and your family to be safe!


The hardest foundation repair job of my lifeThe hardest foundation repair job of my life
This week we will be finishing up one of the most challenging jobs that I’ve had in my career. Challenging on several levels, physically, mentally, financially, and logistically.

Foundation Soil Challenge: The hardest job of my life (Part 2)Foundation Soil Challenge: The hardest job of my life (Part 2)
In the past we have use air excavation tools to remove the gravel layer underneath the slab of a post tensioned slab in order to lower it while the piles on the perimeter hold it up.

Excavation: The hardest job of my life (Part 3)Excavation: The hardest job of my life (Part 3)
We started as we usually do by excavating a trench around the perimeter of the area to be lowered, followed by installing helical piles. This work took several weeks and at that point nothing unusual was really understood.

Helical Piles: The hardest job of my life (Part 4)Helical Piles: The hardest job of my life (Part 4)
In June after the helical piles were installed and the mechanical under excavation around the perimeter we began the deep under excavation. The under excavation work is done with compressed air, and vacuums.

The hardest job of my life Part 5The hardest job of my life Part 5
In an effort to reach the middle of the slab that was surrounded by grade beams we embarked on excavating a 3 deep tunnel from the west side. From there we could access the area between the grade beams.

The hardest job of my life Part 6The hardest job of my life Part 6
After leaving the jobsite and returning to Phoenix leaving clear instructions on what was to be done, I felt good about our ability to finish up. After a few days of work by our crews, we again took floor level readings.

The hardest job of my life Part 7The hardest job of my life Part 7
During the course of work a long time elapsed….. from March until September. Right through the middle of Monsoon season. There were trenches dug around the area of excavation that filled up with water each time it rained.

Foundation Problems: Arizona Home on the Edge Part 1 – Construction ErrorsFoundation Problems: Arizona Home on the Edge Part 1 – Construction Errors
Foundation problems in a home can occur for a variety of reasons…one of them being construction errors.Gogte Residence After Foundation RepairIn 2004 this 6000+ square foot luxury home valued at over $2 million dollars was constructed for Dr. and Mrs. S

Foundation Problem: Arizona Home on the Edge Part 2 – Technical Design SolutionsFoundation Problem: Arizona Home on the Edge Part 2 – Technical Design Solutions
The Gogte Residence had several foundation and stabilization problems before their home was complete (part 1). A hillside homeowner needed expert help and called in Fred Nelson PE, of Gervasio and Associates (Structural Engineers) and J. David Deatherage.

Foundation Repair: Arizona Home on the Edge Part 3 – ChallengesFoundation Repair: Arizona Home on the Edge Part 3 – Challenges
The retaining wall was located at the far side of the house with very little access for equipment needed to install the various solutions. There was a path leading to below the wall, however, it had in some places a cross slope of more than 45 degrees.

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