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Intercompany Construction Team Building

When you think team building it’s usually inside a single company or department. That’s not the case when we are involved. We recognize the importance of making opportunities happen while helping businesses and people succeed.  That’s what our Golf Clinic and Outing is all about, Construction Team Building. The construction team is an extended family made up of suppliers and contractors that we take personal interest in, and it shows!

This year there were six sponsorship companies engaging their teams, clients, and employees to improve communications, increase team relationships and build better business outcomes for each other. Improving our golf swings happened to be the hook, and the round was a bonus! The sponsors included Buesing Corp., Coreslab Structures, Cornerstone Masonry, Hilti and Arizona Foundation Solutions (AFS).

As people trickled in to the Legacy Golf clubhouse, they were greeted by the AFS team, offered a continental breakfast and given the opportunity to introduce ourselves, then we spent a few minutes networking. Name badges were a big help and both team and a full group photos were taken prior to us heading to the golf clinic. 

The coaches at the Legacy Golf Performance Center spent time with each team, and evaluated every player’s swing with the latest technology. Then they had us working on our stance, alignment, and grip while we incorporated the swing analysis tips to improve our direction and distance on the driving range.  Every person had one-on-one time with the pro who helped us make adjustments.  It’s what every employee hopes for from their managers and leadership.  The one-on-one time is what lays the foundation for success and where open communication and trust are built.

After about 90 minutes we were off to a round of golf where we encouraged each team member to implement and internalize what they had learned from the instructors. It’s also where team camaraderie is built.  Having fun and encouraging others while celebrating successful shots makes the game of golf a natural team building sport. It’s also where you can get better acquainted with each other, understanding their challenges, learning about their personal interests, family, plans and goals.  The more you know, the better you can equip them and help them toward success!

After 18 holes, we all regrouped to have lively discussions over lunch, exchanged business cards, shared leads and managed to solve a few problems too. Construction teams are unique as many firms are closely involved in a collaborative effort to deliver a project on time. We deliver a fantastic approach to construction team building and we all agree, the team dynamic works best when it is pervasive, across departments, divisions, companies, project teams and throughout the construction industry!

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